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-This mod was originally announced in 2015 and released in 2018-

Doom : The Golden Souls 2 is the sequel of the groundbreaking mario styled hub-based mod, this time you'll travel through levels with a world map, unlocking new paths by reaching secret exits or by collecting big coins. You must retrieve 7 Golden Souls stolen by the Cyberdemon's minions in order to save the world... once again!

Featuring improved platforming mechanics, weapons, levels, Golden Souls 2 is an experience any Doom fan should try!

This mod is NOT standalone, DOOM2.wad and Gzdoom are required to play!

Doom 2 on Gog.com


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TagsDoom, golden-souls, mario, mod, Singleplayer


Doom: The Golden Souls 2 Version 1.4 197 MB

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I have a question, are the skulls necessary to continue with the story?


No in-level collectable is required to progress through the game. Some collectable might just be required if you want to 100% the game and unlock some special things

try playing it with brutal doom it wayyyyyy fun :)


well I discovered a rather unique glitch. turns out if you know a skeleton into a bit it gets sent to the corps clean up area of the map and dies and revives on loop over and over again constantly raising the number of enemies and kills on a map

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How to play doom 2 the golden souls on my phone?

Get free doom or delta touch and downlload the wad and pk3

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I always found it incredible that people can play an FPS well on a gamepad because every time I've tried, I can never get past the tank controls that it usually entails (Perfect Dark and Metroid Prime come to mind, I've beaten them but it was not easy), nor get good at aiming with the right analog, and I end up eating the dirt. But playing one on a phone? That sounds like a miserable time.


By far one of my favorite mods

Great mod! Having an awesome time and I'm impressed by the small touches.


Do I have to buy doom 2 on gog, or can I get it on steam?

you can get it anywhere. Gog, Steam, Retail...