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-This is the 2021 remaster of a 2013-2014 mod-

"A long long time ago... An ancient mansion full of beautiful paintings was discovered..."

Explore magical new lands in Doom: The Golden Souls! The first game of the retro-inspired Doom mod saga!

Find the Golden Souls hidden in magical paintings to unlock new areas in the hub and continue your adventure! Every painting is a different level with unique aesthetics and gimmicks! Stop the demons from obtaining the souls and save the world!

Now the experience is even better with the new Remastered edition!

Better weapons, quality of life changes, new super levels and more await you in this classic adventure with a fresh new coat of paint!

This mod is NOT standalone, DOOM2.wad and Gzdoom are required to play!

Doom 2  on Gog.com


CategoryGame mod
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(30 total ratings)
TagsDoom, golden-souls, gzdoom, mod, Singleplayer, super-mario

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Doom: The Golden Souls -REMASTERED- 1.0 Hotfix 83 MB
Doom: The Golden Souls Legacy Edition (Vanilla 1.4) 77 MB


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I'm in astral temple and it keeps crashing 

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One idea for this and 2: make a map pack version which can be used with any game modification.

In case you wonder why: Imagine that some people want to play with Jumping Flash Doom

I really love this WAD


I can't believe it took me 8 years to play this WAD

This is by far the best WAD I have ever played 

You can see that so much effort has been put into this project and I can't wait to start playing the sequels.

how do i launch the game its a pk3

launch it with gzdoom

how do i fix the fact that some textures in the game are missing like walls having black textures or platforms becoming missing due to the missing textures?

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Just wondering Is THANK YOU for the final level?

Hello, I'm playing it and it's great, I only have a problem when I have a number of stars equal to or greater than that required by a door, this does not allow me to enter until I go through the level (or store) until I enter the previous levels. Is this an error or bug in my game?

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Can this be played using final DOOM wad, or do I have to use DOOM 2 wad?

Just use the doom II wad

I accidentally press 3 instead of 2, so you should read it again.


Truly one of the best mods I ever played! Even better remastered! But do miss that charged punch that gibbed imps, any possible update to add the charged punch for the remastered?

Hello, the charged punch is only featured in GS2 and GS3, I didn't put it here because I wanted to keep the way it worked back with the original GS release, these fists do however make enemies drop armor points on death.

I've finished The Golden Souls Remastered at almost 100%. I've killed all monsters and collected all big coins, but I didn't collect all normal coins as I couldn't find them. I like this mod very much. Maps, soundtrack, HUD, monsters are great. The only bad thing were those tiny crabs. Hunting them down on that Sorbetto Beach was a chore.

But still this mod is great. I had fun and it's time for me to start The Golden Souls 2.

So thank you for this mod. You are a Super Modder.


I can't start up the remastered version. It shows up as "Script error, GoldenSouls_Remastered_v1.0_hotfix.pk3:menudef line 11: Unknown keyword 'size'


I'm stuck on 20 souls, I've beaten all the normal levels, the coin levels, and the hidden levels (the ones found from a secret level exit), and I can't find a 21st coin. Can someone please help me?

Long ago, I played a first-ever beta of GS. Today I finished 100% of the Remaster version. Masterpiece

I got stuck after playing coop for two levels with my friend.

Each one of us took 1 golden soul from each level.

When we arrived back to the hub, the main door required 2 golden souls. 😢


Sorry but multiplayer is not supported, even if it manages to run in co-op there will be game breaking issues such as this one.

Awesome as always thanks for share it !

I will update it in my app at next release.


Greetings !

Really enjoying the Remastered edition so far! Though is it possible to tweak the HUD a little so you can see what inventory item you have selected, at all times? As-is, you can only see your inventory items when you're scrolling through them with the Next/Prev Item keys.

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when i drag the pk3 file to gzdoom is starts to boot up and then says there is an error

Script warning, "Super Golden Souls Complete V1.04.pk3:decorate" line 1096:

Unknown class name 'Bulletbill' of type 'Actor'

script parsing took 139.62 ms

Unknown player class 'GSPlayer'

Execution could not continue.

No player classes defined

what does this mean and how do i fix it? this is one of my favorit mods and i cant play it because of this problem pls help!

What you're trying to load isn't Golden Souls 1.4 but a user made addon (Super Golden Souls), you need to drop both onto gzdoom.exe

i thank you for the help. but the download on this page doesnt work, at least for me 

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it says removed under downloads. and when i try to redownload it says couldn download

As a matter of fact i can play the game now. got it off a sketchy website. only download that would work:(

how long is the mod?

Playing with "Ultimate Simpsons Doom" wad is incredibly fun(and annoying).

Este fue uno de los mods de doom que mas me gustaron :) no sabia que estaba en itch.io.

Muy bueno!!!

What do the big coins do?

They unlock a special level in the garden, not all the coins are required so they're mostly something for 100% completionists.