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-This mod was originally announced in 2013 and released in 2014-

"A long long time ago... An ancient mansion full of beautiful paintings was discovered..."

Explore magical new lands in Doom: The Golden Souls! The first game of the retro-inspired Doom mod saga!

Find the Golden Souls hidden in magical paintings to unlock new areas in the hub and continue your adventure! Every painting is a different level with unique aesthetics and gimmicks! Stop the demons from obtaining the souls and save the world!

This mod is NOT standalone, DOOM2.wad and Gzdoom are required to play!

Doom 2  on Gog.com


Install instructions


1) Download Gzdoom

2) Extract it in a folder

3) Place GoldenSouls_Full_1.4.pk3 and DOOM2.wad in the same folder, you can obtain the wad by buying Doom 2 on Gog.com

4)Drag GoldenSouls_Full_1.4.pk3 on Gzdoom.exe, a window will appear

5)Select OpenGL or Vulkan as your renderer, and DOOM2.Wad as the base iwad

6) Start the game!

Required Settings

*The game must be played with the OpenGL or Vulkan renderer

*Make sure Dynamic Lights are enabled, you can find them in

Options>Display Options>Hardware Renderer>Dynamic Lights

*Mouselook has to be enabled in Options>Mouse Options "Always Mouselook - On"

*Additionally, it is recommended to disable the bilinear filtering that's set by default in

Options>Display Options>Hardware Renderer>Texture Options

Setting it to None(Trilinear) will give you the best results

Required Keys

You can change the keys by going in  Options>Customize Controls

Movement Keys

Jump Key

Reload Key

Crouch Key

Use Key

Fire/Alt Fire Keys

Inventory Keys (Next Item, Previous Item, Use Inventory)


Doom: The Golden Souls 1.4 "Even More Definitive Edition" 77 MB


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Playing with "Ultimate Simpsons Doom" wad is incredibly fun(and annoying).

Este fue uno de los mods de doom que mas me gustaron :) no sabia que estaba en itch.io.

Muy bueno!!!

What do the big coins do?

They unlock a special level in the garden, not all the coins are required so they're mostly something for 100% completionists.